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City of Eau Claire Economic Development Division

Employers in Eau Claire

All local employers have their own unique success stories about their experiences in Eau Claire. New companies are attracted to Eau Claire for many reasons. The area is widely accepted as the regional hub for business activity, and a cheaper alternative location to the Twin Cities urban center. With its strong manufacturing base, its up-and-coming hi-tech industries, prominent medical facilities, and its nationally acclaimed educational institutions, Eau Claire is constantly growing and expanding.

Many firms that started in Eau Claire have grown into successful businesses and even worldwide corporations, such as Menards, Inc. and Silver Spring Foods, Inc.

For those who relocated, success has been a common factor. For example, Hutchinson Technology was looking at several different locations when it needed to expand. In the end, Eau Claire was a perfect fit. Since coming to Eau Claire, the company has flourished. What started as a one-building manufacturing center now has grown to four buildings and ranks among the area's largest employers.

Eau Claire's Top Employers:

Rank Company Name Description Number of Employees
1 Menard Inc Home centers 4,500+
2 Mayo Clinic Health System-Eau Claire General medical & surgical hospitals 3,500+
3 Eau Claire Area School District Elementary & secondary schools 1,300
4 University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools 1,300+
5 Sacred Heart Hospital General medical & surgical hospitals 1,300+
6 Midelfort Clinic Ltd Mayo Health Offices of Physicians 1,000+
7 United Healthcare Services Inc Direct health & medical insurance carriers 500-999
8 Hutchinson Technology Inc Computer storage device manufacturing 500-999
9 Chippewa Valley Technical College Junior colleges 500-999
10 City of Eau Claire Executive & legislative offices, combined 500-999
11 Gerber Products Co Dry Condensed & Evaporated Dairy Products & Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturing from Cacao Beans 500-999
12 Wal-Mart Warehouse clubs & supercenters 500-999
13 County of Eau Claire Executive & legislative offices, combined 500-999
14 Xcel Energy/Northern States Power Other technical consulting services 250-499
15 Northern States Power Co Managing Offices 250-499
16 Royal Credit Union Credit unions 250-499
17 GSI Call Center Inc Telemarketing Bureaus and Other Contact Centers 250-499
18 Grace Lutheran Foundation Inc Nursing care facilities 250-499
19 Curt Manufacturing LLC Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing 250-499
20 SDH Education East LLC (Sodexo) Food Service Contractors 250-499
21 Ipacesetters LLC Telemarketing Bureaus and Other Contact Centers 250-499
22 McDonald's Limited-service restaurants 250-499
23 The Work Connection of Wisconsin Professional Employer Organizations 250-499
24 Market & Johnson Inc Commercial and Institutional Building Construction 250-499
25 YMCA Civic & social organizations 250-499

4th quarter - 2012