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City of Eau Claire Economic Development Division


If you are looking to move to Eau Claire or to simply relocate within the city, Eau Claire has a variety of housing options available. Due to the size and diversity of the area, homeowners and renters alike are able to choose from a wide range of settings. From downtown locations to wide-open spaces, from historic houses to urban loft dwellings, Eau Claire has a type of housing to suite every individual taste. The area's top school district, scenic parks, numerous arts and entertainment venues, and strong community make Eau Claire the perfect place to live.

Finding housing that fits within your budget is no problem. Budgets can range from the Victorian, Tudors, and Bungalows to inexpensive, modern apartments. No matter what your price range is, you will not have trouble finding the right home. The median home cost in Eau Claire is $137,700, while the median value of a home in the United States is $173,600.

Downtown living exemplifies Eau Claire's desire to evolve, while continuously preserving its past. The downtown area is a historic place, filled with buildings that echo the vibrant past. While these buildings are a great place to own a business or work within, they are also a great place to live.

Loft developers have come into the downtown area to revamp potential housing units that sit above businesses and offices. They have maintained the original quality and feel while making the loft a modern, green space. The city is very encouraging towards the developers and designers of these lofts by offering financial incentives to build. These incentives help ordinary people with extraordinary ideas to create their own stylish and fresh area of living in these many unique spaces.