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City of Eau Claire Economic Development Division

Public Places

Parks: Eau Claire is in no short supply of parks, ranging from the large lakes, trails and sports facilities of Carson Park, to the much smaller, flower filled beauty of Randall Park to everything in between. The tranquil beauty of these parks provides inspiration for music and artists, athletes, outdoorsmen and those out just taking a relaxing stroll.

Waterfront Development: The use of our waterfront is important to the future of Eau Claire. Development started with Phoenix Park, which is now a cultural hub housing concerts, bike trails, festivals, and a farmer's market, among other events and displays. Across the road, a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood continues to be developed, which includes mixed use buildings incorporating brand-new office space, unique dining, and modern apartments.

Historic Buildings/Neighborhoods: Eau Claire is proud of its area's history, which is why we find preserving historic homes and buildings so necessary. From its official beginning in 1872, Eau Claire has grown into a booming cultural and economic metropolitan area. Despite the fact that it has experienced significant growth for well over a century, Eau Claire still likes to maintain the buildings that help link it to its humble beginnings as a lumber town.